Texas Football Magazine (2014)

Texas Football Magazine (2014)

A collage of my photos that were included in this year’s edition of Dave Campbell’s magazine (clockwise):

Shaun Nixon (Lake Travis High School, TCU), page 102
Devondrick Dixon (Gilmer High School, Texas State), page 166
Ian Sadler (Argyle High School, Texas Tech), page 107
Dominic De Lira (Lake Travis High School), page 332
Derrion Randle (Navasota High School), page 298
Nick Ralston (Argyle High School), page 292
Ian Sadler (Class 3A 2013 Player of the Year), page 194


Happy Father’s Day (2014)

Happy Father's Day (2014)

Husband. Father. Grandfather. Soon to be a great-grandfather. Vietnam Veteran.

A snapshot of my Dad in 2005. He’s a little older, a little grayer, and not as physically healthy now. But, he still has the same sense of humor. Anyone who knows me personally, knows I am definitely my father’s son.

Happy Father’s Day, dad. I love you!!


What I Learned Shooting My First Wedding

This past weekend I had the opportunity to shoot my first wedding. It was for a relative so the pay wasn’t “wedding photographer” pay but it gave me some experience without all the pressure. Of course, I wanted to do a good job because I would have to see the bride at family functions in the future. Now that the even is over, the photos have been processed, and the bride is pleased with the results, I can look back at what I’ve learned.


1. Wedding Photography Is Hard Work

This wedding ceremony, which was about 15 minutes long, took place in a very small rural church in Grapeland, Texas (population 1500). As the only photographer, I had to capture images from the front of the church as the wedding party entered the church, from both sides of the church, and from the back as the bride and groom kissed and exited the church. The reception was held at a private residence and included the usual dinner, dance, cake cutting–and a lot of standing. By the end of the night I was definitely physically exhausted. Mentally, I was relieved that I had made it through the night while capturing what I believed were some good shots. As I went to sleep, I was grateful I wasn’t having to worry about aperture, ISO, shutter speed, etc. anymore.


2. Equipment Can Make A Big Difference

I’m shooting only a Nikon D3100 with the 18-55 mm kit lens, a 55-300 mm zoom, and a 35mm/f1.8–not quite a “professional” gear set-up. On a few occasions, I was wishing I had some lenses with different focal lengths, especially in the church where I found myself too close to use the zoom but not able to get close enough with the kit lens. Of course, a second camera would have been a solution to this problem. During the outdoors reception, a wider aperture and/or a better sensor would have helped due to the low lighting. In short, better equipment would have helped lessen the stress of the exposure calculations I had to make on the fly.


3. Know How the Ceremony Will Take Place

Speaking of “on the fly,” a lot of my positioning was done very quickly and with little chance to plan ahead as I rarely knew where to be to get the best shot. I’ve been to several weddings and had a general idea of what to expect, but everything seemed to move much quicker than when watching with the rest of the attendees from the pews.


4. Wedding Photography Is Rewarding

To put it simply, I had a great time! I got to capture moments that happen for a brief few seconds and then are gone–the bride entering the church, the groom kissing the bride, the bride’s mother almost setting herself on fire with sparklers–unless they are saved in photos for a family to cherish forever.  This is definitely something I would do again. Below are some of photos from Christy and Russell’s big day. Image     Image   Image   Image Image


Dave Campbell’s Texas Football Features Another of My Photos

Dave Campbell's Texas Football Features Another of My Photos

Fairfield Eagle Larry Rose III runs the ball against the Navasota Rattlers


Normangee Panthers Soar to Victory

Normangee Panthers Soar to Victory

As time expired in the 2013 Homecoming game, Normangee scored a touchdown as time expired. With the score 21-20, the Panthers decided to go for the win with a 2-point conversion and running back Tydraious Jordan did his best Superman impression.


Friday the 13th Was Bad Luck for One Team

One of my favorite photographs from Navasota’s 83-0 win over the Sterling Raiders.

Christian Taylor, Derrion Randle



Welcome to the first blog post of my first blog!  Allow me to describe the origins of this blog.

This month Derek Bowman forwarded me some information about Dave Campbell’s Texas Football looking for photographers to shoot high school football games.  I had taken a few photos of Navasota High School Rattlers sports during the past year and this seemed like a pretty good opportunity to get some photos “out there” for others to see.

Navasota vs. Gilmer 3A State Championship Game at Cowboys Stadium

Navasota vs. Gilmer
3A State Championship Game at Cowboys Stadium

Navasota Rattlers at College Station Cougars

Navasota Rattlers at College Station Cougars

After a little thought, I figured I’d submit my name and a sample of my “work” to the magazine’s website to see what they had to say.  I was pleasantly surprised to hear back from them and before too long I was issued a media pass that identified me as a “contributing staffer” to the magazine!!

Since I’d never shot photos from the sidelines, I started attending Rattlers practice sessions.  Before too long, some of the players, parents, and school staff began taking note of the photos that I’d uploaded to Twitter and Facebook.  When a parent offered to pay for photos of her son I began to think that maybe there’s an opportunity here to create something special.

Rattler QB Shelton Eppler drops back in a scrimmage against the Sealy Tigers

Rattler QB Shelton Eppler drops back in a scrimmage against the Sealy Tigers

Since then, I’ve been consumed with thoughts, ideas, and fears about whether to make the jump into “semi-professional” photography, but it looks like I finally did.