Gabe: Weird & Hilarious

Earlier this month I was contacted by a mom about a photo session for her son Gabe who is about to turn 13. Amanda had only a couple  of requirements:  capture Gabe’s witty attitude and no train track photos!!

Last weekend, Gabe and his family traveled to Bryan-College Station for the photo shoot which was held in historic Downtown Bryan. I offered Amanda the opportunity to be present during the session but she declined, thinking that Gabe would not be very comfortable with her there. (Good point! What 13-year-old boy wants to hang out with him mom?!)

Gabe, however, did want his dad Jon there. This turned out to be important as Jon was able to get Gabe to relax, have fun, and express some genuine smiles and laughter.

On the drive to the location, I asked Gabe how he would describe himself. He said, “weird and hilarious.” We discussed the photos we’d be taking and he talked about he was glad Amanda wasn’t there to make him look “cute and all that crap.”

We took a few silly shots to break the ice…

Gabe: Weird & Hilarious

Does anyone have the time?

Gabe: Weird & Hilarious

Gabe (and if you look closely enough) his Dad.

…and then moved on to some portraits to show how Gabe is growing up.

Gabe: Weird & Hilarious

The blue wall to match the blue shirt was totally coincidental but worked out really well.

Gabe: Weird & Hilarious

Gabe is in the school band so we had to get some shots of him and his saxophone.

Gabe: Weird & Hilarious Gabe: Weird & Hilarious


At Jon’s suggestion (and I was going to do this anyway), we had to get the cliched train track photos–and actually got a couple of good ones. Amanda even liked them.

Gabe: Weird & Hilarious

We liked the shirt blowing dramatically in the wind.

Gabe: Weird & Hilarious

Gabe’s grandmother may have experienced some anxiety when this photo was being captured.


If you know Gabe and Jon, you know they are both very creative people. As the shoot wrapped up we were able to combine their creativity and wit in a couple of final images.

Gabe: Weird & Hilarious

Gabe pretending to wave to some friends: Hey guys! Over here!

Gabe: Weird & Hilarious

Gabe pretending to be electrocuted by some exposed wiring.



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