This Is Why You Print Your Photos

Anyone have an 8-track player I can use?

If you’re under the age of 40 you may not now what I’m referring to but that’s what I listened to when my dad would play Elvis Presley. As fast as technology changes now, in 20 years, we may not have Facebook or Instagram  and all those great #SS and #TBT photos you took in high school may not be available.  Don’t believe me?  Have you checked your MySpace lately?  Print it or lose it!


What better way to decorate your home?

When my wife and I bought our first home we decorated our home with some Texas- or United States-themed photos that we purchased or had given to us as gifts.  When we had our daughter, those photos were quickly replaced with family portraits and snapshots that were more meaningful.  The best part is they can be replaced as our “baby girl” grows up.


This Is Why You Print Photos; College Station, Bryan, Navasota, photographer

11 X 17 canvas portrait of my daughter hanging in entrance of our home

Make the office a little more comfortable

Nowadays, I work a lot at home but I occasionally have to go into the office.  Personally, I don’t like the institutional feel of an office so I have the small framed family photos on my desk.  This week I added some of my favorite night photography images that I’ve captured on family vacations.  Now, when I’m having a bad day, I can re-center and re-focus by looking at something that reminds of good times.

It’s also a conversation starter when others walk in and see the photos.  Maybe you can snag a client or share ideas with someone else who has an interest in photography.

This Is Why You Print Photos; College Station, Bryan, Navasota, photographer

My work office. From left to right: Disney World, New Orleans, Atlanta.


I do all of my photo post-processing at my desk at home.  I spend many late, late nights and early, early mornings poring over images from a photo shoot, editing them, and marketing my work on social media.  Sometimes I get in a rut and think I’m not doing a good job or I do not like how some photos turned out.  It helps me to look at photos which I think are some of my best, bring back memories, or even teach a lesson.

Look at the photos below:

  • The Navasota Rattlers banner (on the left) was taken at one of the first football games I shot in 2013.
  • The running back flying into the end zone was my favorite photo of the 2013 football season.
  • The blackbelt breaking the burning wood was one of my most viewed photos on Facebook.
  • The blackbelt breaking the wood with her foot is the daughter of one of my best clients.  That photo reminds me how important my work is to others and why it’s important to do a good job.
  • The photo of the players running out of the tunnel before a game taught me a) wider focal lengths can be cool and b) don’t linger too long in front of a football team that’s about to run out of a tunnel.
This Is Why You Print Photos; College Station, Bryan, Navasota, photographer

My home office



People are not going to know who great prints look framed and on a wall unless they see them framed and on a wall.  Navasota High School principal Derek Bowman once mentioned how much he liked the photo below.  As I’ve mentioned in a previous post, Derek was the spark that ignited Artie Guerrero Photography, so I thought the photo would make a nice decorative piece for his office.  Just as important, it shows off my work to those who visit him.

This Is Why You Print Photos; College Station, Bryan, Navasota, photographer

A photograph I gifted to the Navasota superintendent, football coach, and high school principal


Comment below and tell me why you do or don’t print your photos.



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