An Open Letter to the Navasota Rattlers and Their Fans

On a cold and rainy Friday night in Corsicana the 2013 season came to an unexpected end and so did the first step in what I hope is a long photographic journey for me.  It was a total 180 degree turn from watching those practices in 100 degree heat back in August.  Back then I started coming out to practices to get my own practice in shooting fast-paced action in low-light settings.  As the season progressed and I got to visit other stadiums, I definitely learned to appreciate what Navasota has at Rattler Stadium in terms of lighting.

I want to thank Coach Lee Fedora and his staff for pretty much allowing me free reign around practice and games.  Thanks also to Mr. Key and Coach Kyle Stewart for some nice words on the sidelines.  I hope I wasn’t in the way too much, with the exception of that one run out of the tunnel when I got a little too close to the action.  I told that kid he hit like a girl but he really did ring my bell.  I just didn’t notice it until the next day.

I also want to thank the Navasota Cheerleaders and the Diamonettes.  Once I discovered how popular Instagram and Twitter was with high school kids, business really began to pick up.  A special thanks to Tyler Leonberg who really gave me some free advertisement among the students.

Thanks to the parents who pulled out the credit cards to buy photos.  It is an ego boost and very encouraging when you think I do a good enough job photographing your sons and daughters that you actually give me money!

Thanks to Courtney Finke, my Friday night photo buddy.  Looking at your photos, I was reminded that it’s not all about capturing the action and that there are photo opportunities away from the ball.  I can’t wait to see what you’re photographing in a few years.  

And, finally, thanks to the 2013 Rattlers.  You guys are some tremendous athletes and capturing what you do on the football field has been awesome.  It was great to see all the tweets of my links and collages and avatars that were made from my photos.  I hope that when you are long gone from high school, you can look back at all the photos and remember what Friday nights were like in Navasota.

OK, so who wants some basketball photos? 



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