The Silver Lining

On Friday nights, I can usually be found on the field at Rattler Stadium in Navasota, Texas shooting high school football.  It’s an attractive location to me because it’s a Class 3A school so there aren’t lots of photographers on the field, my wife and her cousin are employed by the district, and the Rattlers are the defending state champions who were on a 20-game winning streak.  But, everyone is entitled to a bad night and the Rattlers had one on September 28, 2013, losing 44-24 to the Fairfield Eagles.  Late in the game there wasn’t much to smile about, but I found a cheerleader who was still having a good time.  As all of us older people know, you’re only a high school student for a very short period of time.  Enjoy every minute of it while you can…even when the home team is losing.

Navasota High School cheerleader


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